Yi jia an Internet + nursing service, gongbei health service center installation training

On November 26, the sales manager and technical staff of zhuhai yushi medical technology co., ltd. went to gongbei community health service center to carry out the training on the installation and operation of yi jia an Internet + nursing service system. The hospital's medical staff attended the training


Yi jia an Internet + nursing services, in the form of online application and offline services, broaden the medical service channels, meet the needs of patients, improve the professional value of nurses, promote the professional quality and ability of the nursing team to achieve substantial development, professional medical staff to provide close care services for the masses

system introduction


Interpretation of the equipment


  • Operation study



The purpose of this training is to let medical staff enter the Internet + nursing service system of yi jia 'an, to understand the operation of the service function of the system, the use of physiological parameter detector and so on. The medical staff listened carefully to the presentation and explanation of the technical staff, and exchanged their experiences with each other to discuss the problems and solutions. all medical staffs are full of new expectations for the use of this platform.