The latest situation of medical supplies is coming!

The joint prevention and control mechanism of the state council held a press conference on the afternoon of April 8 to introduce the production and security of medical supplies. Let's pay attention to it!

Source: China government

-- epidemic situation --

We will combine emergency response with routine prevention and control

On April 7, the number of locally confirmed cases dropped below 500, and the number of close contacts still under medical observation declined for seven consecutive days.

Among the confirmed cases and asymptomatic infected persons, the proportion imported from abroad continues to increase, and related cases are sporadic.

As wuhan lifts the control of the exit route from China and the flow of people increases, it is necessary to combine emergency response with regular prevention and control, and precisely carry out epidemic prevention and control according to key links and risk points.

-- domestic supplies --

Production capacity of protective clothing, masks and other protective materials basically meets domestic demand

As of April 5, the daily production capacity of disposable medical protective clothing has reached more than 1.5 million pieces, the daily production capacity of medical N95 masks has exceeded 3.4 million pieces, the daily production capacity of medical isolation eye masks/masks has reached 290,000 pieces, the daily production capacity of automatic infrared thermometer has reached 10,000 units, and the daily production capacity of handheld infrared thermometer has reached 400,000 units.

Major manufacturing enterprises have supplied a total of more than 29,000 ventilators nationwide, among which nearly 18,000 have been supplied to hubei, including more than 3,000 ventilators for innovation.

From the perspective of supply and demand, the production capacity of medical protective clothing, medical protective masks, medical isolation goggles/masks, thermometers and ventilators can basically meet the domestic demand, and enterprises are trying their best to organize and expand export.

Drug supply is stable and sufficient, realizing "drug and others"

After the relevant drugs are included in the diagnosis and treatment plan, we will ensure a stable and adequate supply of the drugs, so as to achieve the goal of "medicine and others".

Up to now, the daily production capacity of chloroquine phosphate has reached 100,000 people, and the total production capacity has reached 670,000 people.

Abidor has a daily production capacity of 50,000 people and a total production capacity of 800,000 people.

Fapiravir has a daily production capacity of 11,500 people and a total production capacity of 137,500 people.

The 14 proprietary Chinese medicines included in the diagnosis and treatment program are in relatively sufficient inventory and guaranteed market supply.

Up to now, lianhua qingwen capsule has a daily production capacity of 2 million boxes and a stock of 30 million boxes, while jinhua qinggan capsule has a daily production capacity of 26,000 boxes and a stock of 400,000 boxes.

-- supplies from abroad

More than 100 countries have raised material needs

By the end of march, more than 100 countries and international organizations had submitted requests for supplies, including protective clothing, masks, goggles, thermometers, ventilators and medicines.

The state council has established a corresponding working mechanism, and the ministry of industry and information technology will cooperate with the ministry of foreign affairs, the ministry of commerce and other relevant departments to organize the production and supply of relevant materials.

In addition, sinopac has signed 360 million contracts with 88 countries and international organizations, and has shipped more than 100 million pieces to 64 countries.

The supply of foreign ventilators is close to 18,000, but it is not realistic to meet global needs

At present, nearly 18,000 ventilators have been supplied to foreign countries, among which more than 4,000 are invasive ventilators.

The production of ventilators is restricted by the lack of supply of core parts and components in the process of globalization. China's production capacity is less than 1/5 of that of the world. Even if the supply of key parts and components is guaranteed, it is unrealistic to fully meet the needs of global epidemic prevention and control.

The global supply of protective clothing is restricted by the differences in quality standards and usage habits between China and foreign countries

China's current daily production of protective clothing has exceeded 1.5 million sets, theoretically speaking, to meet the needs of the international market is not a big problem.

However, these protective suits are made according to different quality standard systems of China, the United States, the European Union, Japan and so on, which do not fully match the relevant requirements of the importing countries and regions.

Recently, the ministry of commerce, the general administration of customs, the state administration of food and drug administration and other departments issued a regulation, requiring the export of testing reagent and other products, domestic production must obtain the qualification of China's drug regulatory departments, and meet the quality standards of the importing countries and regions.

-- production capacity --

API production was fully resumed

China is the world's largest producer of chemical bulk drugs.

On the whole, the production of API in the first quarter of this year was basically the same as that of last year, and the production of API has fully resumed.

Due to the recent logistics and transportation difficulties, the actual export volume of API has decreased by about 20% compared with last year.

However, the API, which is related to the treatment of covid-19, has bucked the trend.

For example, the annual output of vitamin C in China is about 150,000 tons, accounting for more than 90% of the global output.

In the first quarter of this year, output was basically flat compared with last year, while exports rose by about 10% year-on-year.

For another example, the domestic annual output of acetaminophen, an antipyretic analgesic, is nearly 80,000 tons, accounting for more than 60% of the global output. In the first quarter of this year, the output increased by 20% compared with the same period last year, and the export volume increased by 30%.

The annual output of hydroxychloroquine sulfate is 100 tons, and the export volume in the first quarter of this year has exceeded the annual level of last year.

There are shortcomings in high-end medical equipment

Medical equipment manufacturing enterprises in our country has accumulated to provide national medical equipment more than 115000 sets, which provide to hubei over 38 kinds of more than 70000 sets of equipment, including ecg monitor, blood dialysis machine, most of the medical equipment, such as blood gas analyzer can meet the needs of the epidemic prevention and control, patient treatment, to win the epidemic war laid the material foundation.

However, in this process, it also highlights the weaknesses and weaknesses in the development of the industry. For example, high-end medical equipment such as ECMO cannot be produced by domestic enterprises, the supply of invasive ventilators is insufficient, the performance of some products needs to be improved, and the standard system is not yet sound.

At present, experts in the fields of medical and health care and medical equipment are being organized to comb through the weaknesses of medical equipment, study and adopt effective measures to break through the bottlenecks of key core technologies, components and equipment, and speed up the efforts to make up for the shortcomings of China's high-end medical equipment.

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