Rechargeable Otoscope

Otoscope is one of the basic diagnostic tools of ENT diseases. Professional designed otoscope which with good lighting, magnification effect and gas pressure for examining the activity of eardrum, enables examiner to inspect the ear canal clearly, especially the condition of eardrum.

Product Specification/Models


Product Description

?2.5 times magnification effect

?Adopt sealed structure,air blast connector,360 circular fiber and LED/Xenon lamp lighting   system.

?Lens has a spin lock design, ear-speculum load and unload easily,safety use.


According to the ergonomics design,it's using the Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene material,which make it touch comfortable,operate convenience,dedication and easy to carry.


High impact,high heat resistance,flame retardant,touch comfortable.

Power Supply

Lithium rechargeable batteries.


Otoscope is made in Germany and the handles are with patent design,which can be adjusted the light on the handle by one hand operated.